MLB Opening Day

images.jpgTechnically it was opening day a week ago when Boston played the Athletics in Japan, or one could easily say yesterday was Opening Day because the Nationals started their first game in their new stadium (to a win I might add). But no. Today is Opening Day. Seattle Mariner’s Opening Day. I know I just spent two nights seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert but I’m arguably just as excited to be going to Safeco Field today to watch the 2008 Mariners take the field. They made some risky off season moves and now it’s time to see if it was worth it, or if we just end up shaking our heads for another year *cough* Richie Sexton *cough*.

There’s something magical about Opening Day. The smell of hot dogs and garlic fries, the sound of the crack of the bat at warm up, the beautiful Safeco Field itself with the amazing view of Seattle stemming out just beyond the left field wall… but I still haven’t pinpointed what really warrants the excitement. It’s a new year. A new chance. Players and fans are rejuvenated with a new sense of possibility… Maybe this could be the year. If the Mariners don’t win it’s a shame, cause it’s 1, 2, 3 strikes your out at the old ball game. 

I’ll post pictures tonight after the game.