Diagram For Life


I’m a very project oriented person. I’m always doing several comics at a time and that’s because I’m sort of throwing stuff at a wall and trying to see what sticks. It’s perfectly normal. Stephan Pastis, for example, created several comics before finally coming up with “Pearls Before Swine.” Anyway, I’ve got another concept that I’m throwing at the wall. It’s called “Diagram For Life.”

Diagram for Life is the story of the guy who is the model for the crosswalk signs, men’s restroom signs, and other various “stick figure” signs. He’s very successful at what he does but he doesn’t really enjoy it. The problem is that everyone only views him as a model. Here’s sort of a sample comic:


Thumbnail image for Diagram1.png

The comic has a case of what I like to call “Jack in the Box Syndrome” where even though he is obviously different then everybody else, that fact is never truely acknowledged. This comic is still in the early development stages but there is a very large amount of potential for this comic in the “slice-of-life” category of comics. What’s great is that the protagonist also is very unique. In addition to the protagonist, another unique thing about the comic are these “notes” that finish the idea of the “Diagram.”

Stay tuned here and http://www.diagramforlife.com for future updates to this intellectual property.