Ikariam is a free browser game I just started playing that is simliar to that of Civilization. Gameforge describes it this way:

“Ikariam is an online game that you can play with an Internet browser. Each island nation that you meet is controlled by another player. There are no computer enemies. The game itself is continuous, meaning that even when you close your browser window life in Ikariam continues. Your researchers continue fiddling around with new discoveries and your workers produce resources.”

I’m totally hooked and if you’re intrested in playing, you can go to http://www.ikariam.org and sign up to play on the “Zeta” server. The cordinates of my town “Fairview” are x:95 y:52 and the cordinates of my friend Chris’ town is x:94 y:48. Drop one of us line in the game and let us know you’re playing.