Some Changes at Hand

I’m guessing by now that you’ve noticed (if you are a regular reader) that the site has been changed up some. It’s still in the process of being worked on actually and I am planning on spending a good deal of time working on it this weekend to try to realize my vision for it. I’m hoping to add a couple of small new features and improve a couple of old and basically just update the general style. I’ve already reduced some of the sidebar clutter and really like the cleaner look of it. It’s true that the Thursday update took a dive this week but once I declare myself pretty close to officially done, I’ll try to make up for it and put one up.

PS- That button on the left of the page is not a typo or a trick. The book is real and I currently possess the only copy. I’m going to make a couple of minor tweaks and then it WILL be available for public purchase.

2 thoughts on “Some Changes at Hand

  1. I need that book yesterday Deuce.

  2. The first one contains all of the Black and White comics. The one after that will contain all all of the old color ones up until I switched to strip format. After that, the strip format ones. And finally the new style ones. A There and In Between book is done as well BUT It did not have enough content to justify the money so that one will be available as soon as the pages fill out a bit more.

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