New ARL Comic

What is ARL?

ARL is the comic that I did for 10 years before starting Stairwell. I never officially ended it and over the years I’ve often wondered where the characters would be now and what kind of hijinks they’d get into. It was a much more silly based comic with things like time travel, hauntings from John Lennon’s ghosts, frequent visits from the Grim Reaper, a penguin pet, and many more weird things. 

Where can I find ARL?

For those that don’t know, the original series in it’s entirety is available at, warts and all. There are jokes and moments that I don’t love in it. so I’ve also started what I call the “Remastered Timeline” where I am updating my favorites of the series and that’s where I intend to start posting this new content as well. That will be available at someday when It’s done. However, I don’t want the remaster getting in the way of me allowing myself to explore the characters now either. So here’s the latest ARL comic. 

Don’t forget anybody supporting at the premium Patreon tier also has access to the PDF version of the “A Rusty Life Anthology” which is the entire collection up until this year’s content.

I don’t need all that, what are the cliff notes of this comic?

Rusty is our protagonist for which the series is named. He was a gamer-geek, lead singer of a band, and failed actor. These days he’s moved into the tech support field. He’s the guy in the glasses in this strip. Kevin, the blonde male pictured, was and is also a gamer-geek and major foodie. These days he’s helping chip in at his partner Sydney’s food truck and part time Twitch-style streamer. Sydney, the former brunette-turned-red head is Kevin’s partner. She spent a lot of the time in the original series trying to force feed healthy gruel to the members of the ARL roster. These days she’s bought herself a food truck and is attempting to share her… creations to the masses. The strip also features a ton of other characters but I’ll talk about them as I post comics about them.

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