The 12 Days of ARL Contest!

That’s it. The 12 Days of ARL Christmas have finally all been posted and ready to go! But the festivities won’t end there! We’re pleased to announce the first contest in ARL’s 8 year history! We want to hear our talented fans sing the 12 Days of ARL Christmas! All you need to do is send an email to with a link to your song or place for me to download it. We will also accept Youtube entries, though audio is the only component necessary for judging. You can interpret it anyway you want. Want to write some music for it and sing? Go ahead? Got some friends you want to put an accepella version together with? Go nuts. Want to just sing it by yourself with no music at all? Wonderful. We want to hear your version. You’re the star. We will accept entries until December 31st and than we will pick a winner and post it on the site on January 1st!

The winner will receive a handsome “Panels” T-shirt in their choice of men’s and women’s sizes, AND a gift certificate for a free Big Fish Games computer game. Below is a pic of me rocking the shirt.

Need a quick refresher course? Click Here to go to the First Day of  ARL Christmas. Now Decemeber 31st is quickly approaching! Get to singing!

Legal: We suck at the legal stuff so we’re just gonna say a couple of things and pretend they’re all official and junk. All entries are property of ARL and may be posted on this site or used for promotional reasons. Big Fish Games is in no way affiliated with this contest.

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