Security Fail

Comic for February 3, 2009 I'm starting an ad compaign today so I'd like to welcome all you first time readers out there. I hope you stay a while and flip throught some of the past material. I recommend starting here. And if you make it through that, then go to the real beginning of it all. Please take note: I've got almost 6 years worth of material on this site and that is more they any mere mortal can handle in one sitting. SO I'd like to recommend that you take advantage of the site tagging feature at the top of the left side bar. Just press "Tag Comic" when you're ready to leave and when you return you just have to hit "Goto Tag" to continue where you left off. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Security Fail

  1. I do not see a tag comic… So I guess I’ll just read every comic in one sitting. I’m bad ass like that, so it shouldn’t be too hard. lol

  2. I guess it technically says “Tag Page.” It’s above the advertisement on the left over there <——- BUT I always encourage “endurance reading” of my comic. IF you manage to make it through all of the comics without dying from starvation then you deserve a medal. Or something.

  3. Well, I guess it could always be the newest weight loss plan.

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