Let’s Eat Already

5 thoughts on “Let’s Eat Already

  1. My wife does this, she takes FOREVER to pick what she wants.

  2. I do that too.. all the freaking time. And whenever I settle for something I always end up thinking that I should have taken what the other person has instead… hah.

  3. My girlfriend is the worst. When I go places I have a good idea of what I want already, so most of the time I jsut sit down and I’m ready to order. She, on the other hand, will take 600 years.

  4. Holy crap! One word… Coldstone. The ice cream place ? anyone ? anyway, they have a million toppings, etc… and I want to rip my face off of boredom and anticipation every time I go there with my gf, because I decide in one minute, and she takes like 10!

  5. I like the brownie batter one at Coldstone. It’s good times. But yeah. My gf takes about twenty mintues deciding there too.

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