A Rusty Life PDF

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been present here. I’m going to fix that for 2021 and include a lot more fun bonus content and stuff, but first thing’s first. I owe you, my Premium Supporters, a new PDF. This is the complete PDF of the A Rusty Life Anthology. This bad boy is over 400 pages and, thanks to Amazon giving me no say, is over $75 if you wanted to buy it on Amazon. But here is the entire thing, for you, separated into two parts. 

If you’re asking yourself “What is A Rusty Life?” allow me to introduce it to you. A Rusty Life the comic I FIRST started way back in 2003. I did a ton of these comics about a group of twenty-something up until I started Stairwell in 2012. It’s a complete look at my style as it evolves over the years. Starting with black and white line art and ending in something similar in style to Stairwell. To the eagle eyed among you, you may even spot the background character that became Norman. 

Not all of this content has aged as well as you’d hope, especially since so much of the early stuff was written by high-schooler Johnathan, but I hope you’ll enjoy this archeological relic of the past as a way to tide you over until more Stairwell drops.

New ARL comics can be found here: https://www.arustylife.com/ and slowly I am also remastering the content that I think does age well over at https://arusty.life/ and this will eventually be the new, permanent home for any future ARL content.

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