A Plethora of Topics

I’ve got a few things to talk with you about today but for the most part it’s nothing too interesting.

First, I was approached a couple of weeks ago by a company to do some freelance illustration for their product but it’s starting to look like it’ll entail too much time from my end. I’ve gone back to work now and working 8 hours a day and then HAVING to come home and draw for an additional 3.5 hours MINIMUM does not sound quite feasible to me. I’d go into more detail but it’s a confidential product so I can’t say anything.

d7d.jpgSecond, I started playing another collectible miniatures game. I know I’m a sucker for them but I just love them. Some people’s addiction is alcohol, mine is collectible miniatures combat games. D&D released a second edition of their collectible minis skirmish game and I just couldn’t resist. I haven’t tried it yet but I expect to in the next couple of days and so I’ll probably add a small post regarding my thoughts on the product then.

Thirdly, I registered two more domain names this week bringing my grand total up to 18 owned domains. Today I registered geekprestige.com and geekprestigeclass.com which is a reference to the different classes of advanced characters in role playing games. I’ve got a few vague ideas on what I want to use it for but I wont go into those details now. Truth is, it doesn’t matter what I’m going to use it for. I just love to work on websites.

And finally, on a completely different subject, the Seattle Mariners are off to just about the worst start in history. Seven games into the season and they’ve only won two. That’s right two. With out payroll, we should be winning more then two. Sigh.

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