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So a long time ago I realized the greatness that was Google Reader and it changed my internet life. No longer do I ever have to search for updates from my favorite websites, they come to me. Google Reader is the one that works for me. It has the ability to bundle feeds and send them to friends to share so I created a bundle. I personally subscibe to about 200 feeds but I narrowed that down to 14 feeds that no one should be without. For your convienence, I’ve removed the video game and baseball game feeds but there are still a ton of good feeds on there. Here’s the link to my bundle that I created just for you:’s%20Favorite%20RSS%20Feeds

Also, in case you have not yet joined in on the RSS revelation, and  I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to use RSS feeds after having tried it, visit

2 thoughts on “My favorite RSS feeds

  1. That buzz of the day entry at the time of this posting is actually slightly misleading. That number, (311,75,200) is actually the number of WAYS 5 cards can be dealt. You still have a royal flush of spades whether you got it A, K, Q, J, 10 or K, 10, J, A, Q. THe actual number of combinations of five cards from a 52 card deck is 2,598,960.

  2. I actually don’t really like the buzz of the day. It’s just included in the RSS feed for “One Deal a Day.” I usually just skimp over it.

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