White Meat Lies

The original title of this comic was "the one where John goes way out of his comfort zone and draws the backs of everyone's heads" but that seemed a little too long. In reality I had a really rough time drawing this because it really was way out of my comfort zone. I was going to go with a much lamer joke because of the ease of drawing but @jessica_nicoleg's encouragement kept me pushing to make it work. So this Thanksgiving, amongst the other things I am thankful for, I just wanted take a moment and tell her thanks for all the encouragement. :)

4 thoughts on “White Meat Lies

  1. square turkey = win 🙂

  2. Soooo proud of you! It looks great! I knew it would! <3

  3. Nice joke, but why have all the people changed their seats between the two pictures? If you first look from the front and then from behind the chairs, what was first left should in the second panel be on the left. You changed the turkey and the “squared-tofu-thing” correct, but not the people…

    Great work, keep on going…

  4. Looks great! LMAO I wonder if everything healthy is either square or circle? own) and unhealthy eaters are so round?! I’m too hip to eat square. Happy turkey day!

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