Pry It Apart

I went through a lot of trouble drawing the background of todays comic which sucks for two reasons: 1. It's so busy that it made the joke less effective. 2. I covered so much of it with characters and text that it was all just wasted time. So. To make myself feel better about the time wasted tonight drawing something no one will really see, below I have posted the background minus characters and text. After you view that, you can head over to Twitpic where I have posted a (so far) exclusive World Series commemorative comic strip.

3 thoughts on “Pry It Apart

  1. What program do you use to draw this? It looks like Flash, if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Adobe Illustrator CS3 currently. I’ve been using Adobe to draw ARL since Adobe Illustrator 9 though. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  3. Great drawing. The comic’s funny too. I think he might need a front end loader to really get the muck out of the room.

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