Dumb Facebook Quizzes

So I've been participating in the Hourly Comic Day today. What is the Hourly Comic Day you ask? Taken from their website:

hello! on february first a bunch of people make a journal comic every hour they are awake. and then they show these journal comics to other human beings, sometimes on the internet we will see how different people actually spend their day. some people will make beautiful comics, some ugly. some boring, some exciting.

So yeah. I have forsaken work and relationships today to draw a couple frames every hour. Actually it wasn't so bad, I've had to do them by hand so each one is not much more then a scribble. I am still participating in the promotion as we speak so you won't be able to see the results until I post them at some point tomorrow. The reason I bring this all up is to A) Promote my Hourly Comic Day material and B) sort of apologize for the simplicity of today's ARL comic strip... I've drawn a LOT today.

2 thoughts on “Dumb Facebook Quizzes

  1. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. You are a great webcomic-er. Make more. For 6 years you updated thrice weekly. You can do it again! Your humour is great, your style is nice.





  2. Well thank you VERY much for the encouragement. That was actually my New Year’s resolution… to have 3 updates a week but then I started of the year with a bad case of writer’s block, which I can be very prone to from time to time. But, with any luck, soon I’ll be able to get going on my goal. I really really do appreciate the encouragement. Thank you!

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