I Accidentally a Coke Bottle

Comic for October 23, 2008 - 10/23/2008 The "I accidentally a whole bottle" Internet phenomenon really amuses me. Let me preface this comic with this statement: there are no typos in the comic, and in case you don't know what this comic is about, read about it here- http://drop.io/a1b2c3d4e/media. I basically spent the day today text messaging that statement to everyone and just having a grand ole time. And the friends that are still speaking to me were very amused too. Try it out. Message somebody the phrase "I accidentally a whole coke bottle. Is that bad?" and see what happens. Just remember to never respond coherently.

4 thoughts on “I Accidentally a Coke Bottle

  1. The last frame in this comic completely ruins the entire point of the joke in the first place. You can’t show what happen…

  2. Hmm. That’s a good point.

  3. It took me until Today (3/29/08) to finally think of a better ending. I updated the comic with the new one, something I almost never do.

  4. I accidentally this blog

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