Bruce Springsteen: My Concert Breakdown

I just got back from my forth Bruce Springsteen concert. I am sore all over for standing around waiting to get into the concert and then from bouncing around once the concert started and then even more sore since that I did that two days in a row. I’d do it again in a heartbeat too. When you’re at a Bruce Springsteen concert, not only are you watching a legend but it feels like you’re watching a legend. I’ve seen other bands perform and they just are not interesting but Bruce puts on a show. The music is loud and exhilarating and he has been preforming from his big back catalog of hits and not just the stuff on his newest album (which is also quite good).

arena.jpgTo the left here is a generic arena picture. I’ve marked the areas I’ve seen Bruce from now. We did pretty poorly the past two days for the pit lottery but we still get in before the general GA people meaning we’re still in the first third of the floor. Looking at where I put the blue and white dots, I’m realizing now that they need to be moved up more because, like I said, we were in the first third of GA.They should probably be closer to the green area and the green area should be closer to the front too but anyway that’s not important.

Something else that’s really great about Bruce Springsteen’s shows are that his setlists always change from night to night. We’ve been to four shows and there were only about 4 songs out of 20ish that were played at all the shows. The rest were a good mix of all sorts of classic Bruce.  He’s always changing on the fly too. Several times in the past couple of concerts we went to he’d grab a sign from an audience member with a request on it and then show it to the band and then rest of the audience and then they’d start to play it. The experience is incredible. For those of you “in the know,” Bruce performed rare

Click the jump to continue reading if you’re interested in seeing what his set list consisted of for our past couple of concerts and if you want to see a breakdown of the tracks played. I’m sure no one is really interested. I’m just doing it for me. I’ll post a few pictures there too.

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