Salt and Vinegar Alternatives

There is no common flavor of chips I despise more then Salt and Vinegar. In they're defense, I can't stand anything that tastes or spells highly of vinegar. I never used to have a problem but once when I was having kidney stones, a doctor told me to try to drink some vinegar to break up the stone. What shortly followed that attempt can only be replicated in horror films. Ever since, the taste and the smell gives me shivers.

4 thoughts on “Salt and Vinegar Alternatives

  1. I love Salt & Vinegar! How dare you! lol.

  2. Definitely agree with you, buddy. They are TERRIBLE! I’m good with regular Lay’s any day.:)

  3. Salt n’ Vinegar, mmmm! Love fish ‘n chips with it.

    Now on the other hand from personal experience, kidney stones are just a scream. Umm and not in a good way. It’s no fun waking up feeling like someone shoved a sharpened tree trunk through you from your left nut to somewhere out of your rib cage above your right kidney. Then on top of that endure a five hour airplane flight with the world’s most sensitive air turbulence detector despite the fact you’re stoned to the gills on some prescription medicine that’s supposed to be killing the pain.

  4. haahhahah
    salt and butt
    so random

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