Nog Good

Today's comic (and ensuing series) was brought to you by @Mr_MikeD who apparently does his best thinking in the shower. Thanks to @jessica_nicoleg who also worked her magic on today's comic. Let's face it everyone, I'm just the pretty figurehead around here. :P Also, there's probably gonna be extra updates this week but I'm not sure yet. I'd just show up every day and see what happens. Additionally, If you haven't heard about or entered our contest, there is still plenty of time. Please check out the details HERE. How can you walk away from free games and clothes!? And finally if you're my Reddit Secret Santa (or just interested in seeing a bonus ARL strip) click HERE to view the rest of your Christmas present. -J

2 thoughts on “Nog Good

  1. using the signature -J is offensive to all us people whose full name is just the letter J. IMPOSTOR!

  2. Love it! Mr. Mikey is the man! BTW why is it every time I look at ARL my Norton goes batsh*t crazy? John do you have something you need to tell us ARL readers? Do I need to go see a doctor? ;op

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