Man Code: Umbrella Use

Comic for Feb 17, 2009. I live in Seattle. Occasionally it rains in Seattle (you may or may not know this). I never use an umbrella though. I love the rain. I love to walk in the rain. The air just feels fresher in the rain. So, If you walk with me sometime, and it starts to rain, don't even try to share an umbrella with me. I wouldn't want it, nor would the Man Code allow it. PS - I should throw out there that this comic was inspired by someone at my job. They just don't know it. To see all comics tagged "Man Code," click here.

3 thoughts on “Man Code: Umbrella Use

  1. the man code, it’s a bastard!

  2. It also dictates that you cannot share your umbrella with another man’s woman. Don’t forget that, or you WILL pay! lol

  3. I love to walk in the rain, but sometime I don’t want get sick cause the rain

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