Banner and Tag Line

Two subjects of minor interest today so I’ll dive right in.

First, I finally updated the banner with a possibly more interesting image. The thing is, I can’t decide if it’s too “busy” so I’d really like input on it.

Second, I’m trying desperately to come up with an interesting new tag line for the comic strip so if anyone has ANY ideas at all please send them my way.

You can email your tag line ideas or banner comments to me by hitting the “contact” option in the top navigation, or by simply leaving a comment to this post. Registration is not required to do so. Serious replies/comments only please. Thank you.

PS – Possible new area of interest: Along the left side of the site I’ve added a section titled “Most Talked About.” It features the comics with the most comments on them.


7 thoughts on “Banner and Tag Line

  1. You asked for suggestions about the banner and tagline…

    I am notoriously bad at the tagline thing, but I like the banner quite a bit. My only suggestion there would be to fade/blur the background a very little bit so the title can pop out more.

    I’m a little surprised that no one else has any ideas. You make a great strip.

  2. Have you a sense of where you want the comic to go from here? Something tells me that articulating that would be helpful in revealing the new tag.

    I was going to suggest “The Other Kevin” but I don’t know if you read Scratchin Post, lol. If you don’t it’s not very lol.

  3. Typo on my name there.

  4. Delos: Thanks for the suggestion about making the tagline pop. I will play with ways to do that including the blurring of the background.

    Bengo(i): Thanks for the suggestion but that may be a little to obscure. That and even though I do a lot of comics with Kevin, I don’t really want him to be the focus anyway. But please feel free to continue to give me any ideas you’ve got.

    What about this: do I actually need a tag line?

  5. Heh I’m actually the only comment to your incredible writing?!?

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