Wow. So yesterday I found out that there was a huge security risk in the code of the update script I’ve been using to run A Rusty Life. In attempt to cut attacks off before they happened, I had to shut off the site and restart. I’m going to be days away from having the site looking and running the way I want but when it’s done all the old ARL comics will be here as well as the There and In Between comics. So please bear with me as I get everything running okay. As for right now all of the comics since the “strip” version are here they are just listed by dates and not names. That’s on my list of things to tweak in the upcoming days. I’ve spent the last 7 hours trying to get all my files and everything safe and getting what I’ve got so far running and getting the comics all set up. So no comic today. The next update will be Tuesday. Tomorrow the site receives its themeing.

PS  – I just joined a comic collective full of fantastic comics. Use the navigation bar at the very top of my page to check them out.

PPS – I just imported all of my blog posts from I can’t decide whether or not I would rather have a blog and a comic or blog/comic. Anyway. For the time being those posts are here.